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The great campionissimo Fausto Coppi remains cycling’s purest example of how elegance and grace can triumph over cruelty, viciousness, misfortune, mans's inhumanity to man, suffocating cultural mores and a funny-looking nose.

We are not Fausto Coppi. We are us — pretty ordinary people who ride too much but still feel as if it's never enough, who care way too much about a sport we're way too okay at, and who live lives of quiet exaltation. We find nobility and purpose — and broken ribs — in wedding the brutality of cyclocross to the stupidity of doing it at night, plus the inanity of running an open field that lets a first-timer line up against an Olympian, as well as the idiocy of an optional shortcut that punishes as much as it rewards, not to mention an unpredictable and joyously unfair rating system that rewards you for finishing low in the General Classification and includes awards for Fastest Slow Person and Fan Favorite — all topped off by the incomprehensible tradition of bestowing our highest honor (the Fifth Street Cross jersey) on the fifth-place rider.

Fifth Street Cross might help you get faster. It will definitely help you have fun, make a few friends and, somewhere amid the missteps and stumbles and misshifts and punctures, maybe even achieve your own moment of peculiar but permanent triumph.


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