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Race Day Sponsors

Oct 8: Opening Night, Keister Night sponsored by SOYuRIDE

Oct. 15: Sausage Night sponsored by SMC & cooking meister Robert Eugster

Oct. 22: Night of the Goat sponsored by Tom Bartolacci

Nov. 5: Pig Night courtesy of chef extraordinaire Dave Joachim

Nov. 12: Mexican Night sponsored by Schneckxicans
             Ryan & Amanda Pomasomething

Nov. 19: Week of Da Creek sponsored by Bear Creek Lodge

Dec. 3: Irish Night sponsored by Keith Plunkett and James Costelloe

Dec. 10: Belgium Night courtesy of Jeremy & Amy Katz


* South Mountain Cycles, official USCF club sponsor

* SOYuRIDE, sponsor of the Tainted Love Award

* SCHICK, sponsor of the Smooth Move Award

* ROBI BEADS, sponsor of the Special Presentation for Distinguished Service in the Field of FSX

* VERMARC, sponsor of the Fausto Coppi Prize for Recognition of Extreme Elegance

* ANDY TAUS, barriers and medals

* STEVE SCHNEIDER, course tape

* MIKE YOZELL, course design

* RAY IGNOSH, race numbers

We need sponsors to provide materials, goods or cash for each week's shortcut, for various and sundry items such as course tape, for the ceremonial and arbitrary awards we give out, and for the themed events, such as Belgian Night.

If you'd like to sponsor a theme night or a shortcut, or provide prizes that we will distribute on a basis worse than random, please contact us at

If you are selected as a sponsor, you will receive valuable marketing exposure in our weekly newsletter and online promotions, as well as word-of-mouth marketing and probably several other very important sorts of things like blogs or lists of "people we think are hot" and stuff like that, and your prestige will go up lots and lots.


Cyclocross components
Traditional cantilever brakes are preferred to V-brakes, to prevent clogging with mud. Wheels are of the normal road racing type fitted with knobbie tires andlower gearing.

There are also slight geometry differences between the two; cyclo-cross bikes tend to have slightly higher handlebars for a more upright position as aerodynamics have little importance in a cross race. A second set of brake levers on the tops, called top mount brake levers, are favored by some competitors. In general, with a change of tires and gearing a cyclo-cross bike can double as a perfectly adequate road racing machine.

However, most cyclo-cross racers prefer clipless mountain bike pedals for their easy dual-sided entry and mud-shedding abilities. Also, the mountain bike shoes used with them provide better traction whilst running than a typical road style shoe thanks to grip and flexibility in the sole. -from Wikipedia