fifth street home 

archives: 2007 sponsors

Pabst Blue Ribbon provided by South Mountain Cycles, who also happen to drink most of it.

Illegal free parking provided by God, who wishes hed been born Eddy Merckx.

Cognac provided by, the web home of the only celebrated cookbook author who knows the difference between Gogol and Google; and by Mike Yozell, who believes XO stands for hugs & kisses.

Duct tape provided by Robi, who hopes to discredit the adage "a reputation once broken is impossible to repair."

Barriers provided by Mike Yozell: Hes Jewish. Hes a carpenter. Any questions about why hes so goddamn fast?

Toilet paper provided by Selene Yeager, who always wants to be assured that in some way she can wipe the field.

Kid's refreshments provided by the Killingsworth and Neyen families, who are happy to guarantee everyone else's children are as sugared up as their own.


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